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Stag/Hen Parties

Dodging the opposing teams’ arrows and getting all Robin Hood on ‘em, you’ll fight for honour, for friendship but mostly for a bloody good laugh! Dodge an arrow and if you’re really cool you can catch an arrow as it hurtles towards you and take out one of your opponents with their own arrow. Because you’re just that cool!

This is a great team activity that you will really get into; fast, active and with a fighting competitive edge that’s sure to get everyone laughing, ducking for cover and screaming their own bizarre battle cries “Eat my arrow you …….!”

Archery Tag® Stag/Hen Party

Archery Tag® Stag/Hen Parties last for 2 hours. The party starts with a safety talk and demonstration and then each participant is taught to shoot a bow safely and correctly and then we just jump straight into game play. The first round involves no game rules so players can get used to shooting, dodging, ducking and catching the arrows; then the games commence.

If you would like more time we can start off with some regular archery before the Archery Tag® and we can also add duelling, aerial discus shooting, popinjay and/or soft archery mini games.

Archery Tag® Stag/Hen Party

Axe Throwing

As good as the real thing, these plastic axes are completely safe and can be used indoors or out and require very little space. Lots of fun, highly addictive, and a great add-on to any activity.


All archery and Archery Tag® parties must be booked in advance


  • Waivers are required to be signed before any archery or Archery Tag® activity. If you are under the age of 16 the waiver will need to be completed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • We have comprehensive risk assessments in place for each activity and £5 million public liability insurance.
  • A Coach/Marshall will be provided for the full session to run the activity, ensure safety rules are being adherred to and also to provide ongoing supervision and coaching.
  • If a Discover Archery Ltd’s Coach/Marshall considers any participant to be unsafe, or, if they purposfully mistreat or abuse the equipment or any other participant, they will be permanently removed from play – no refund will be given.
  • Noone will be allowed to participate if they are under the influence.
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