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Discover the Phenomenon!

Archery Tag® is a phenomenal new concept in friendly combat sports that can be played indoors or out and utilises archery with special foam tipped arrows to play the game. Players divide into two teams and hide behind inflatable bunkers, or other obstacles, and try to be the first team to knock out the centres of a 5 spot target on the opponent’s side of the field, or, eliminate the opposing team. Virtually painless and mess free, unlike paintball, Archery Tag® is intense enough for thrill seekers and safe enough for kids to play; making this game the most fun you’ll ever have with a bow and arrow!

Archery Tag® is recommended for players aged 9 years and up and previous experience is not required.


Archery Tag® bow, Archery Tag® arrows, face mask and (optional) armguard.


The arrows are reusable. Each player is issued with 2 or 3 arrows and then collects arrows lying around.

Playing Area:

Standard field size is 100’ by 50’.

Safe Zone:

A 20’ safety area runs between the two teams which players may not shoot from or shoot into.

Archery Tag Equipment

Archery Tag® vs. Paintball

  • Archery Tag® arrows have a soft foam tip which bounce off you without leaving a mark and can be compared to being hit by a soft ball.
  • The arrows are reusable; once you pay you don’t have to fork out any more money.
  • It can be played indoors in a hall or sports arena, no paint = no mess.
  • The newest most exciting friendly combat sport out there today.
Archery Tag Course
  • Have you ever played paintball? If you ever ask anyone that question they will say that it is fun but paintballs leave nasty nasty bruises and welts and can even break open the surface of the skin.
  • Paintballing may appear to be cheap until you have to keep buying expensive ammunition to play the game.
  • Very messy; paint gets all over your clothes. You have to play outside even if it is cold and raining
  • Been there, seen it, done it!!!

Archery Tag® is available for:

  • Birthday & Stag/Hen Parties
  • Team Building & Corporate Events
  • Sports Days & Holiday Camps
  • Church & Youth Groups
  • Fund Raisers, Fêtes & Festivals
  • Fun with Friends
  • Or, for any event you could possibly think of.
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